Famicase 2024: Fruits Parlor Kabu

This is my ninth year participating in Famicase. For this year, I decided to do something a little different and refer back to my 2017 entry, Electric Cafe Hazikami.

The description:

最高のパフェを構築しよう!新鮮なフルーツを選び、 お客様のリクエストに応えて至福のスイーツの完成を 目指しましょう。

同時発売の「電気喫茶 薑」など「小山町商店街」シリーズのゲームと連携可能。

ジャンル:SRPG (スイーツレストランパティシエゲーム)

Or in English:

Build the best parfait you can! Pick fresh fruits according to your customers' requests and work to make the ultimate sweets.

Can connect with "Electric Cafe Hazikami" or other entries in the Koyamachou Arcade series.

Genre: SRPG (Sweets Restaurant Pâtissier Game)

I wanted to connect with an earlier entry - while the freedom to make something completely new is a lot of the fun of Famicase, it seemed fun to connect with older entries rather than just existing in isolation. And while I didn't give the title, I also looped in Mita Koyamachou and last year's entry, Koyamachou Watch Repair Shop, as well.

The photo was taken at a parfait shop on Jougashima, near Miura, where I've been going frequently the past few years. It was taken with the Olympux X-E4 that I picked up earlier this year and have been enjoying. The parfait was easily the most elaborate I've ever eaten, and included edible flowers and two kinds of oranges, in addition to all the other fruit. It was delicious. Ψ