Wachenroder Booklet Scans

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This is a scan of the cover and story portion of the instruction manual, and full scan of the separate setting booklet to Wachenroder. These scans are also available as a gallery on Imgur.

Front and back of the instruction booklet.

The center symbol on the back page is the game logo (a copy of the real-world Wiener Werkstaette logo). The six symbols around it are probably the symbols of the major cities in the game world. The cover illustration is by Range Murata.

Story section from instruction manual.

Illustrations by Yoshitoshi ABe. To summarize, polluted water from factories caused Lucian's sister to develop a severe allergy to sunlight and be in poor health in general. He becomes a gladiator to earn money to care for her or find a cure and miraculously succeeds in the arena, but by the time he comes home she's died.

In the game this all happens as part of the intro, and is the only place work by ABe shows up.

Front and back of setting booklet.

The back (left) is similar to the start screen, while the stacked W is the game logo, a copy of the real-world Wiener Werkstaette logo.

The back is by Kutsuzawa Ryuichiro. He does not appear to have a homepage but Wikipedia indicates he's currently a professor of character design at the Osaka University of Arts.

Main characters by ABe Yoshitoshi

This is Bellebette in her narrator costume, while the other three characters are the first members of your team.

Poetic setting explanation in Japanese and German.

My German's not too good but some of the translations look like someone with more enthusiasm than experience used a dictionary to put something together. Example: 死と生 (death and life) → "Tod und Geburt" (death and birth)

Lucian and Carroll by Range Murata.

Small Faces, Chemical, and Zappa by Nakano Tomokazu.

Nakano has a blog and still does a lot of illustration.

Various standard soldier enemies or mid-bosses by Yamaguchi Yasushi.

Yamaguchi is probably best known as the designer of Tails from the Sonic series.

Renders by Yasuo Fujita.

Fujita's homepage is here. His online static CG portfolio only has stills from Wachenroder, but he has a lot of other work in design and tokusatsu.

More renders by Fujita.

Lucian Taylor, the main character.

His sword is a steam-powered chainsaw called a Sledge; keeping it from overheating is a game mechanic.

This and the Carroll figure are by Heavy Gauge, who has a page for them and a Bellebette figure not included in the manual. He still exhibits regularly at Wonder Fest.

Carroll and Lucian figures.

Vlad with Carroll and Lucian.

Vlad by Takeya Takeyuki. This is his final form, though in battle his torso sticks out from the top of a pyramid.

Mobile fortress from late in the game, by Takeya.

Al-araf Airship by Takeya.

Late in the game the characters steal this airship. The name comes from the chapter of the Quran, probably by way of the poem by Poe.

Building (?) by Eisaku Kito

Not sure where in the game this is from, might be the secret desert base. Kito still exhibits regularly at Wonderfest.