Famicase 2021: Lighthouse

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This was my sixth year participating in Famicase, and this time my submission was "Lighthouse".

The description:

灯台守として一生を送る。単純な仕事ではあるが、ときには悪天候、野生動物の襲撃、怪奇現象も 乗り越えないといけない。そして長年の孤独を生き抜いた末に待つのは…

Or in English:

Live out your life as a lighthouse keeper. It's simple work, but at times you'll have to overcome bad weather, attacks by wild animals, and mysterious phenomena. And at the end of all your years of solitude there waits...

While working on Potu I made a collection of a bunch of public domain images I wanted to use, and this was one in particular that I remembered. It also helped the orientation was just right for a casette label.

The original image is here, and it depicts the Heligoland Lighthouse, which seems to still be extant, though its function has been replaced by a new lighthouse next to it. The area remains well known for migratory birds and there is a bird observatory nearby.

The physical exhibition has been delayed this year - I ended up not making it out last year with everything - but at least you can check everything out on the website as usual.

Here's looking forward to next year. Ψ

Update 2021/09/22: This casette was adapted into a game, Lighthouse of Better Days, by Andrew C. Wang, for the A Game By Its Cover Jam 2021. Thanks Andrew!

Update 2022/05/20: This casette was adapted into another game, Lighthouse - Heligoland Tale by Kissing. Thanks!