The Dumplings of Terror

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This is an old Japanese story. I know it's true because I heard it from someone who knew the man it happened to.

Once a salaryman bought some dumplings on his way home from work.

When he got home he opened the lid on the box and saw ten dumplings. When he went to start tea he put the lid back, so he had to open the box again, but when he opened it, one of the dumplings was missing!

Surprised, he let the box close again. When he raised the lid up again to check... Another dumpling was missing! There were only eight dumplings left in the box.

In his surprise he began closing and opening the lid. Every time he did, one by one the dumplings disappeared.

When he slowly opened the lid and saw only one dumpling left, he was so scared his heart stopped and he died.

In fact, all the dumplings were just stuck to the lid of the box.

* * *

A few days later, his body was put into a coffin to be buried. However, when the moritician opened the coffin to check on the corpse, it had disappeared!

Actually, his corpse had stuck to the lid of the coffin.

* * *

Source for the story is here, with substantial liberties taken. Picture is courtesy of Tomo Yun. Whatever use you intend to put this story to, I think it works better with a very drunk audience. Ψ