Star Kebab

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Star Kebab is a chain of excellent kebab stands mostly located in Akihabara.

Update 2023-03-16: Star Kebab closed their remaining stores February 20, 2023. They originally opened in 1999.

The Akiba Terrace is their only shop with seats.

Kebab shops are common in Tokyo but can be hit and miss - while most places can be relied on to give you delicious pile of dripping meat fresh off a skewer, every so often you'll run into a place that will serve tough chicken in a dry pita with no fillings except cabbage and the shadows of a tomato. Star Kebab is one of the good ones, cheap, delicious, and with an elaborate menu to boot.

That's really all you need to know, but it does have a few other bonuses:

  • Open late by Akiba standards - 9PM for the main shop and terrace
  • No waiting on a table with big groups; you can eat in the park right nearby
  • Vegetarian options - fried halloumi cheese sandwiches and garbanzo pilaf with salad (ask)
  • The terrace shop has free Wifi

Besides their permanent locations in Akiba, they also have a food truck in Shibuya and often run booths at events like Comiket. Ψ