Introducing Deltos

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Deltos is a little tool I made for taking notes. If I want to start a new note from the command line, I can just do this:

deltos post

And it'll open a new file in vim with a YAML header I can mess with. Here's what the header for this post looks like:

id: 17cc5b46
date: 2014-10-20T02:06:58.034Z
title: Introducing Deltos
tags: [deltos, published]

When I save the post, it saves a file whose name is the id up there. It also creates symlinks (shortcuts) so that I can type this on the command line to find the article:

deltos search-tag deltos

I've also got some vim shortcuts that make it easy to edit multiple notes and link them together.

I made Deltos for myself and I'm finding it pretty useful; if you find it useful, or would like an extra feature in it please feel free to tell me.

The name comes from the Greek word for wax tablet. Ψ