Things That Happened in 2013

This post is part of a collection on Life.

I wrote a big long thing and it was dull, so here's a big long list instead:

  • Learned how to play mahjong (thanks @ktern!)
  • Beat Sakura Taisen 2 and 3, bought a Sakura Taisen Dreamcast, went to Edosakura
  • Played through Wachenroder, which was terrible but fascinating
  • Took a vacation in Kyoto and visited Saihouji, the Moss Temple
  • Started going to Pico Pico Cafe (thanks Joseph and Natsuko!)
  • Went to TGS and helped out with Crypt of the NecroDancer (thanks Ryan and Ben!)
  • Through Pico Pico found a semi-regular game night group
  • Made thirteen posts on MetaFilter
  • Went to two MetaFilter meetups and joined a D&D game through people I met there
  • Posted fourteen things here; had one abandoned rewrite of the backend, and another is in progress
  • Re-read As We May Think
  • Started going to events at Raizeen in Nakano
  • Went to Comiket twice and planned ahead, had a great time
  • Went to Design Festa without planning, lots of nice surprises
  • Went to Game Market in the fall, with some planning
  • Old friends visited several times to stay over or just eat a bit
  • Saw lots of live shows; The Thrill and 385 stand out
  • Started writing a few games, abandoned most but I have some good design notes
  • Started using Livescript
  • Read a lot of manga and found some great authors who I'll write more about later (thanks Atsushi!)
  • Started reading replays and light novels (mostly Kino's Journey)
  • Went to the Akihabara Radio Store when it closed

2013 was pretty good. Here's to hoping 2014 will be even better. Ψ