The Haunted Looking Glass

The Haunted Looking Glass is a collection of Edward Gorey's favorite horror stories accompanied by his illustrations. Out of print, it's a little hard to get a hold of, but the good news is that, with one exception, all of the stories are in the public domain and available online. Here are links to sites where you can read them. (At some point I will make local copies that are easier to read, but this will do for now.)

The Empty House by Algernon Blackwood. A man and his aunt go into a house at night to see if it's really haunted.

August Heat by W.F. Harvey. Two men who have never met seem to have thought of each other, by remarkable coincidence. Also check out John Coulthart's feuilleton for Gorey's illustration of this story, along with others.

The Signal-Man by Charles Dickens. A man meets a railroad signal operator who claims to have had mysterious visions.

A Visitor from Down Under by L. P. Hartley. This is the only story in the collection that does not seem to be in the public domain. Published in 1926, Hartley died in 1972, so it would not be in the public domain before 2042 in countries with seventy year copyright terms. It's about a man recently returned from Australia who stays in a hotel and has an unexpected visitor.

The Thirteenth Tree by R.H. Malden. A man goes to visit a friend, who has inherited a large country estate with a problem - it seems any son in the families that live there dies.

The Body-Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson. Some men in a tavern argue about how a body was disposed of.

Man-Size in Marble by E. Nesbit. A married couple finds a countryside cottage to live in, and something strange happens on Halloween.

The Judge's House by Bram Stoker. A man rents an unused house in the country as a quiet place to study.

The Shadow of a Shade by Tom Hood. A man recounts how his sister came to be depressed after the death of her lover, and describes a curious portrait of the deceased.

The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs. A magic monkey's paw grants three wishes. This probably needs no introduction.

The Dream Woman by Wilkie Collins. A man has a dream that he's murdered by a woman, and later marries a woman who looks just like the woman from his dream. (This is a novella expanded from a short story - it's not clear what version is in Gorey's collection, though it's probably the shorter one, which is harder to find online.)

Casting the Runes by M.R. James. A book reviewer is bothered by some strange coincidences. (This is a personal favorite.)

Do enjoy, and while you're at it you might as well also read The White People by Arthur Machen. Ψ