Famicase 2022: Moss

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This is my seventh year participating in Famicase, and the first time I properly prepared in advance. This time my submission is "Moss".

The description:

森の底は暗く静か。 太陽光を浴び 光合成し 胞子を飛ばす どこまでも どこまでも 樹海の絨毯を広げよう。

42種類の苔と17種類の森林環境で遊べる、 「深」感覚のシミュレーションゲーム。 自動繁茂モード搭載。

Or in English:

The floor of the forest is dark and quiet. Soak in sunlight, photosynthesize, and spread your spores. Spread your carpet far and wide.

Grow 42 species of moss in 17 different forest environments. A new "deep" experience simulation game! Includes automatic growth mode.

Going through my stock of public domain images, I came across an old album of photos from a trip to Kyoto many years ago where I visited Saihouji, commonly known as the moss temple. I'd just visited again last year and it seemed like a good fit for Famicase. While I took many photos on my recent trip, the one here is actually from my first visit years ago.

One result of being prepared in advance this year is that I managed to submit right as applications opened, so my cart is number 002 this year. Maybe next year I'll take the first slot?

Looking forward to next year in any case. Ψ