Famicase 2019: Silphium

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My entry for this year's Famicase was "Silphium".

The Silphium is an ancient legendary plant, and the name was also inspiration for my old bot The Laser Syriacum. I've thought about making a Silphium cart for Famicase for years but it never quite came out right. While there are still things I wish I'd done better this year, when I first saw the photo from the Library of Congress collection I knew it was perfect for capturing the feeling of a disintegrating civilization.

Here's the cart description:

以前繁栄した高度植物技術文明の突然の崩壊から逃れて、 あなたの一族は何世代も平和で静かに暮らしてきた。 しかし愛するものが奇病で倒れた時、一度捨てた 文明の力はまた必要となった。万能薬のハーブ 「シルフィウム」を探すため、あなたは遺跡と 化した先祖の故郷への旅に出る。


Or in English:

After your ancestors escaped the sudden collapse of their advanced horticultural society, your people have lived peacefully for generations. But when your loved one is struck by a mysterious disease, you must seek out the power of the civilization you left behind. Explore the ruins of your ancestors in your hunt for the mystical SILPHIUM.

Genre: Ruin exploration, horticulture, pinball

Looking forward to next year! Ψ