Famicase 2018: Darwin's Revenge 2: The Power of Motion in Plants

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This year I participated in Famicase again - my entry was "Darwin's Revenge 2: The Power of Motion in Plants".

Ever since I heard that The Power of Motion in Plants was one of the last books Darwin wrote before he died I found something amusing about the topic and it seemed a natural topic for a game. Here's my description for Famicase:

前作の「適者生存」で葬られたはずのダーウィン。 何者かが墓に蒔いた悪の種が咲いて、再び蘇る! 地球を救えるのはLL Zamenhofと黄金林檎団のみ!

カセットに埋め込まれている種は自然に成長して、 開花したらゲーム内でパスワードとして使えます。


Or in English:

In "Survival of the Fittest" Darwin was finally laid to rest.... or was he? Revived by seeds of evil scattered on his grave, Darwin is back - for revenge! Only LL Zamenhof and his Golden Apple Band can save the Earth!

The seeds in the cartridge will grow as you play the game, and once they bloom the flowers can be used as a password for powerups.

Genre: Seed Hell Shooter

The wallpaper pattern is by William Morris and the source of the laser in Darwin's mouth is a passionflower. I didn't think it'd be easy to find a passionflower in Japan but it turned out some were blooming just a few blocks from where the Famicase exhibition was.

One neat thing this year is that for the first time a book was made collecting all the entries. I'm looking forward to next year. Ψ