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What is ELDR∴FUT?

Sometimes you see it on a bunch of stickers, sometimes it's a tag...

Flickr seems to have a pretty good idea what it is. But is there any point to it? What on earth does it mean?

According to someone on Yahoo! Chiebukuro (the Japanese equivalent to Answers, though nowhere near as awful), ELDR∴FUT stands for Eldritch Futile. The person explaining the words speculates that the name was chosen so that even if the graffiti artists do something pointless, they want to be as clever as they can about it. An amusing side note to the question is the asker's incredulity at the posting of the stickers - "Posting these on someone's property is a crime". Another person asked a separate question referencing the first, asking why anyone would go to the trouble of posting stickers around town. A kindly soul suggested, "It could be for the same reasons that people do graffiti in general."

Why indeed. Ψ