How to Record Yourself Playing a Game

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This is how I started recording myself playing games. I use this on my Lenovo x230 with Intel integrated graphics and Windows7.

  1. Make sure you can play the game
  2. Download and install Open Broadcaster
  3. Start the game you want to record
  4. In Open Broadcaster (OBC), click on Global Sources → Add → Add Game Capture
  5. Enter a name like "push F12"
  6. On the settings screen, choose "Use Hotkey" and set key and mouse cursor options, and press OK
  7. In the main OBC window, click in the Sources tab and choose Add → Global Sources → Push F12, then check the box
  8. Click Preview Stream
  9. Go back to the game window and push your hotkey
  10. Go back to the OBC window and make sure the stream works
  11. Adjust microphone and speaker volume
  12. Finally, click Stop Preview then click Start Recording

And there you go. Ψ