Moss, Lichen, and Fungal Magic Items

A smattering of magic items for still life from the forest floor.

Moss Blanket: Thrown over yourself this blanket creates the illusion of a rock covered with moss. The blanket's magic conceals ordinary small movements and the sound of breathing but the illusion is shattered by physical interaction.

"Calostoma cinnabarina3" by Dan Molter (Shroomydan) - Mushroom Observer.

Blood Snow: A crimson puffball shoots out red spores filling a room and obscuring vision -- unless you're wearing red-tinted glasses. The spores are harmless but stain clothing and skin.

Shacklemoss: Placed on top of a warm body this moss rapidly expands over a few minutes and then hardens, trapping the creature against the ground. It grows slowly enough it won't capture a conscious creature, but quietly enough sleeping creatures won't wake, a fact some cave scavengers use to their advantage. It doesn't block respiration, so trapped creatures won't suffocate and can call for help.

photo by Millifolium

Pathfinder Lichen: Given a drop of blood, this lichen will quickly grow to show a map of the surrounding area as understood by the creature the blood came from.

photo by Arthur Chapman

Windseeker Parasol: Small cap mushroom that bends towards the nearest source of fresh air. With careful treatment can be kept alive in a bottle for underground expeditions.