Other Paul McCanns


Paul McCanns besides 23:

The Paul McCann who owns paulmccann.com is a web designer based in Chicago.

Paul McCann was murdered in Charleston, near Chicago.

Paul McCann works for a financial firm in Dublin.

Paul McCann writes articles about hockey in Arizona.

Paul McCann is a veterinarian in Montana.

Paul McCann was an Irish militant killed in 1984.

Paul McCann was a former spokesman for the UN's Palestine refugee agency in Gaza.

Paul McCann stabbed a man with a pen in an Australian prison.

Paul McCann was an English cricket player, joined the navy, and is memorialized with a fund for needy children.

Paul McCann is a patrolman in the Boston area.

Paul McCann is an Australian poet and songwriter from Belfast.

Paul McCann is a former soldier from Scotland who killed his son-in-law.

Paul McCann is a travelling entrepeneur.

Paul McCann was a fire chief in Maine.

Paul McCann is a nurse on the Isle of Man.

Paul McCann is a soccer player in Ireland who plays with several other McCanns.

Paul McCann is a Scots Guards member whose girlfriend Tracy Kearman beat cancer - twice!

Paul McCann works in computer security and is from Dublin.

Paul McCann makes vodka from potatoes in Virginia.

Paul McCann is (or was?) a race car driver in Great Britain.

An actor and suspected cocaine user named Martin McCann's full name is Martin John Paul McCann, so he'll show up in web searches for "Paul McCann".

Paul McCann is a former Gulf Oil executive, baseball fan, and resident of the Bahamas.

Paul McCann is on the Board of the Black Rose Acoustic Society near Colorado Springs.

Paul McCann saw his son killed in front of him.

Paul McCann died of a heart attack after taking part in a half-marathon in Peterborough in the UK.

Paul McCann is a football coach in the UK.

Most of these Paul McCanns were found using Google Alerts, though a few I found by looking or because I ran across them in person. If you have more, tell me and I'll add them to the list. Ψ