March Events Roundup


The days are getting warmer as we move into March. Here's some events to look forward to this month; in particular, be sure to catch the Skip City exhibit before it finishes.

Asobu! Games Exhibit vol 2 (~3/12, Skip City) - This exhibit on the history of video games is ending soon. Besides design documents for Xevious and a copy of the first issue of Game Freak, it has a pile of old arcade and console games - focusing on releases before 1990 - that you can play for free. Skip City also has permament exhibits the history of the moving image that are worth checking out.

The Ancient Magus' Bride and Totsu Kuni no Shoujo Exhibit (3/2~14, Pixiv Zingaro in Nakano Broadway) - There's no better place for art focused on kind-hearted scary looking guys with horns.

The Seven Day Roguelike Challenge is running from 3/4~12.

Illustrator Hizgi will have an exhibit in Mograg Gallery near Okachimachi Station, 3/4~26.

Pomeromeko Exhibit "Pigeon and Cat" (2/17~3/12, Space Caiman in Kanda) - Continuing from last month, an exhibit by the group that did the Witch scenes in Madoka Magica. There's also a complementary event at Parabolica Bis in nearby Asakusabashi.

The National Art Center in Roppongi will be having a special exhibit on Alfons Mucha from 3/8~6/5. While the Mori Art Museum had an excellent Mucha exhibit a few years ago, the National Art Center exhibit is a very special one - all twenty of the paintings from Mucha's Slav Epic will be shown together for the first time outside the Czech Republic. (It seems the last time any of the paintings was exhibited outside the country was a 1921 exhibit in New York of five of them, shortly after they were painted.) With even the smallest painting over four meters on a side the chance to see these in person is not to be missed.

Tokyo Indies (3/14, Shibuya) - Another month, another meetup. If all goes well I should have a new website ready before this.

That's it for this month, catch you next time! Ψ