Picotachi 38


This weekend was the 38th Picotachi, with five presenters:

Read on for details.

Joseph showed updates to Pico-8 and Voxatron. Pico-8 mobile controls will be available soon, and as a small bonus, when resetting a game memory will briefly be corrupted.

Concept art from Seasons after Fall.

William David of Swing Swing Submarine talked about their game Seasons after Fall. One interesting detail he went into is how most of the scenery is a few textures applied to simple shapes. He also talked briefly about their upcoming game, which involves dealing with the uncertanties of historical records.

I presented on the Laser Syriacum and @ShowMePixels. ShowMePixels is a pixel-art focused version of the Laser, and it had recently made its first great discovery, the in-development -kyōfu no sekai-.

Alvin Phu of Hanaji Games gave a presentation about his in-development Peko Peko Sushi. I don't think there's any information about this online yet, but it's a puzzle game about running a conveyor sushi restaurant, featuring gorgeous pixel art by HARA, due for release soon on iOS and Android.

Neko Studio

A group of independents artists from different countries in Japan. Mainly focusing on kemono...

Finally, Super Misurino presented on her illustration circle, Neko Studio. They've got a lot of great releases and regularly have a booth at Comitia and other doujin events in Tokyo; do give them a look.

That was it for this month's Picotachi. The next one hasn't been scheduled yet, but watch @lexaloffle or @picopicocafe for updates. Ψ